: hola guapas!  como estas? bien?  yes, Spanish! As...

  1. hola guapas! 

    como estas? bien? 

    yes, Spanish! As you know, i’m going on holiday to Spain, to see my big sister, at the end of August and of course, i’ve been doing a bit of holiday shopping!

    (even if it’s pouring it down here, i still need stuff that aren’t jumpers and baggy shirts -if you’ve seen my blog before, you’ll know i love a bit of winter clothing!) 
    SANDALS! vital for holidays! 
    can’t be walking round in socks and Converse now can i! 

    I’ve had my eye on these Jelly Sandals for a while now, trying to see where i can get them for cheap TURNS OUT most places either had small sizes (when i say small sizes i mean 3-7 -.-) or had sold out completely! wah!

    but out trusty pal Ebay had some buuuuuut at the price of £19.99
    (no need to make me feel bad about it, i already do) BUT i love ‘em me! i really do!
    wore them for work t’other day and they are sooo comfy and cool and one of my work colleagues were wearing the same ones but WHO CARES, THEY’RE COOL AND COMFY :B

    and that’s not even best bit mate! they’re Jelly shoes (not Jelly Jelly, the edible stuff, nor nor nor) so i can wear them on the beach and to the pool and if they get wet and sandy IT DUNT MATTA ‘cause they’re waterproof:} yay! smarty pants!

    they do diff colours yano but i love me some glitter and they go with owt 

    please for the love of god don’t wear socks and sandals!!!

    i was gunna wear ‘em to work again, but it’s raining. 
    i know, i know, they’re waterproof, but i don’t want to be the one squeaking around in wet shoes disturbing the customers who are trying to shop god dammit! 


    going to stuff my face and get ready now 

    # worrrrrking 5 ‘til 9, what a waaaaay to earn a livin’ #


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