: (sorry about the mirror photo) this is a photo of...

  1. (sorry about the mirror photo)
    this is a photo of me in my bleached originally red jeans that turned orange!! they look great with the red stitching! they were some old Topshop jeans (at £40) -i bleached them because i had another pair of red jeans and i wanted a little change, didn’t ever think they would come out orange though! 
    this t-shirt, gah, i live in this t-shirt. you can’t see it very well in the photo but it say ‘BULLDOG’ then ‘Cancun’ with a picture of a bulldog face on it. My uncle actually won this t-shirt in a water-volleyball game on holiday in Cancun, believe it or not!
    they do say, the best things in life are free..

    Sbuns xo