2. buggatibiebervelli said: where did you buy your black leather boots? can i find them on ebay?? link please :)

    Hello, sorry about the late reply! 
    You can get the Black Leather Buckle Boots here 
    Cheaper price at £19.99. 
    Hope this helps:) 


  3. Hiya! 

    Just a quick post about a new bargain(ish) find! 

    I bought this dress from Ebay (originally from Boohoo.com) for £8.50, including postage, and I’ve just looked on the website and they are £15! Saved a bit of dosh but I thought it was quite an old season ting so I’m well happy me! 

    Wore it the other night (SIZE 8 BTW CAN I JUST ADD LIKE WHAA HOW) and I didn’t realise it was a ‘plunge’ dress, so CLEAVAGE!
    I think with it being a size 8 helped the puppies perk up a bit too…

    But enough about my boobs! The dress is in such good condition! I thought it could have been brand new!
    If you look on Ebay, you can spot some quality stuff, and also save yourself some buck. Then, when you’re fed up with it, sell it on! Easy!
    Also, the mint green dress on Boohoo.com is sold out, but there’s some other clothes available:) 

    Going to post again this weekend (fingers crossed) but I also need to post for my Graphics blog, so I’m not promising owt!




  4. Ohhhhh my darlings! 
    So sorry I’ve been away! 

    Went to see my sister in Spain for Christmas and there was some events that occurred and lots of drama, sigh.
    Everything is okay now. (Don’t you worry your lil heads!)

    CHRISTMAS, it happened, right? I’m still not so sure…
    Very lucky girl, I am. Been given soooo many things and I’m so grateful for them!
    C L O T H E S

    Yep, yet more…
    To be fair though, my clothes are in the suitcase, trapped in my sister’s apartment in Spain. So it’s only fair I got clothes innit hehe. 

    ONE of my favouriiiiiiiiiite things I got were these gawjus leggings!
    OMG can’t get over how perfect they are!

    Stained glass style from Freak Of Nature £29.99! Quality is fabulous and the colours are too. Fit perfectly and going to wear them nearly alllll time:}

    Wore them today, and teamed it with a black dress I got from Daisystreet.co.uk and my leopard print coat that I’ve had for years from New Look. Also meh fab chunkeh buckle boots from online. 
    Scrunchie in my hair (new obsession) and gold triangle earring I got for Christmas from my b e a utiful sister:)

    More prezzzzzzzzzzzzies to post verrrrr soon!




  5. Hello my lovelies, sorry it’s taken a while to post something. 
    Been literally sooooo busy with my Uni work, not even had time to go to the gym! (cries!) But it’s all handed in now, in time for Christmas:) 

    I have quite a few bits to show you. 
    But firstly I want to show you these super duper (pooper scooper) sockies!!! 

    "FUCK OFF" 
    Letting people know where they stand. 

    I wore them when I was just NOT in the mood at all. Perfect. 
    Fab with meh Converse:))) 

    I got them from Ebay! Only £3, I think… Can’t even remember! 
    Cheaper than chips. 

    Looking forward to showing you more soooonies! 



  6. Hello there beauts 

    I’ve been a bit naughty…..

    I bought this Batman sweater to edit and put on my shop as part of the Batman Collection ‘13 (You can find it here: http://sbunsfashion.bigcartel.com/category/batman-collection)
    I ending up ‘trying it out’ and wore it to Uni yesterday, my bad! 

    It’s pretty cool but doesn’t fit as nice as I want sweaters to fit. 
    Which is good because that means I won’t keep it for myself and I will actually sell it! 

    I was thinking of taking the sleeves off and mix and matching with a black sweater, that’ll be cool. 
    It’s just finding the time to do it… 

    Promise to do it soon you cuties, but I will have to go look for a black sweater now! (Any excuse to go to Charity Shops eh!) 

    I wore it with my Topshop denim high waisted skirt, black boots with frilly white socks, mah bling (obvs) and my camo jacket! 

    It’s raining blaaaaah don’t want to get out of bed, so I thought I’d try and be productive whilst still in bed….. 

    See yous soonies



  7. …She wa’ a sk8er gurl

    Hai guiz! 
    So yesterday, we went on the look out for a pink tie, charity shop after charity shop and I came across these b-e-a-uties…

    These white trainers! 
    They caught my eye, and guess what, look inside MY FECKIN’ SIZE gaaaaaaaaaah, whenever I look at shoes in a charity shop, they NEVER have my size. 
    It was a sign. 
    I just had to ‘ave ‘em! 

    The label inside is ‘ShoeLab' never really heard of them before… 
    But the shoes are in mint condition! 
    So white and clean

    I’ve seen a lot of people get these sort of shoes, espesh when I worked in FootAsylum. 
    The Nike Air Force trainers are similar but a good 75 quid mate!
    Also, the designer (ooooooooh la de da) Givenchy are an almighty £450, damn. 

    So the fact that I got these for a TENNER, datz reyt! £10, saved myself a good £65/£440 



    Went with the skater girl look today, beanie, baggy jeans, long grey tee, hooped earrings (obv) AND meh new shoeseseses:} 

    Bought quiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiite a lot of things recently so look out for meh posts

    'Til next time you lil cuties…



  8. Yo! Soz ‘bout the delay! 
    Just wanted to show you this lil, no biggie ting!

    A while back, in May, I posted here that I was going to the Lincoln Vintage Fair. 
    Anyway, the post after that I showed you what I got and that a girl took a picture of me for her blog! 
    And a couple of days ago, someone showed me it and I was on it! 

    The photo isn’t great and you can’t see my Pharrell tee:( 
    BUT hey! I’m featured on someone’s fashion blog!

    Pretty cool, huh

    The blog is http://www.inmysundaybest.com/2013/05/life-lincolns-vintage-fair.html#more

    So go check it out:) 



  9. Hello my lovely jubblys!

    I’m back again with a new ting! 
    So y’all know I’m on the Ebay hype yo and look what I’ve got this time!

    This PEACE crop top from Tophop!
    When they first came out I really really wanted one and I’ve finally got one!
    Guess how much I got it for though! 
    (Someone stop meh)

    So today I wore it to my lecture, along with my trusty denim shirt, colourful printed trou, and my fav Converse innit! 
    Not a bad OOTD for someone who went out the night before…..

    Anyways, I have something else I want to show you today.
    So I’ll have my nap and then do it zzzzzzzzzzz





  10. S’appening! 

    Yo guys, how you dooooooing? 
    Finally going to show you my new purchases! 
    (I know it’s taken a while, againreally soz)

    So, Ebay, amazing for clothes and bargains. 
    Got this blue china Hears & Bows (Ark) crop top for 99p YES THAT’S RIGHT 99 PENNIES! WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! 
    I can’t believe it either… 
    So cute and on trend and I can’t wait to wear it with my new skirt. 

    I got myself a black midi tube skirt (just like everyone else…) love it, already worn it once, teamed with black leggings for those cold, Winter mornings. And obvs wore my new boots! Can’t seem to remove them off my feet… (Wear ‘em all time innit) It only cost me £6:) 
    Happy me!

    In the process of making some more stuff for my Sbuns Fashion shop, so bare with me and I’ll show you some tingz! 

    Love ya loarrrrrdz bubs




    Forget the ebay tingz I wa’ gunna show ya! 
    I have new shoes! And I’m in love (fo’ real) 
    How amaze though! These boots are my fav things at the mo. Black leather with cut out parts and gold buckles. 

    Hinted that I wanted these and I got them as an early birthday prezzie! Get in! 
    Was around £30, so not too bad, and that money didn’t even come out of my pocket! YaY! 

    I will deffo show you my Ebay tingz next time, I just couldn’t wait showing you these bad boiz! 
    They look so good with leather-look leggings! Big chunky gold necklace and hooped earrings, obvs! 

    Slightly heeled, which isn’t great when you’re already 5’10” BUT OH WELL! 

    Don’t want to betray my Converse all the time by wearing these………but the weather is shite and it’s Winter sooooooooooooooooooooo 

    Til next time bubs



  12. HEY! Sorry, I took my time again didn’t I…..

    Here are the two LOVELY Topshop dresses I got from Ebay! 
    (Love Ebay, so so so much. But I also hate it, arghhh) BARGAINS!

    I’ve already worn both of them out, teheheh, but forgot to take some nice piccies so here’s a couple of uglay hanging up ones (really soz) 

    The blue one I got for £5.50! Aaaaaaaaaaand guess what, it’s a branded one! Yano Topshop has diff brands, well this is 'Dress Up' could’ve took a pic of the label, but you believe me, right? 
    FIVER for a Topshop dress is mental, ESPESH a branded one gaaaaah! And it looks so nice on, proper happeh with it! Eeeee! 

    And t’other one! Love this one so much too! Bit more money at £7.01 but again, Topshop dress, under a tenner, mental. 

    So so so happy, and I’m on such an Ebay hype. Don’t know whether it’s a good or bad thing, so many bargains, not enough room (or spare money £££) 

    But yeah! 
    There ya go! 
    I suggest looking at Ebay at Topshop dresses, they were in PERFECT condition and Topshop is just so expensive nowadays (well, it’s always been expensive but yano
    If you love Topshop as much as me but can’t afford the clothes EBAY IS HERE FOR YOUUUUUUUUUUUUU! 

    Also bought some more things from Ebay which arrived today, d’oh! 
    Will take pics and show you sooooonies!

    Take care, 



  13. Do not fear, I am here!

    Heeeey, sorry about the delay. But I finally have a few things to post about!:) 
    I have two things to show you NEXT TIME that I got which I’m really happy about! 

    But todaaay, outfit post! YaY!
    My lesson didn’t start ‘til half one today, so I had a bit more time to get ready:) 
    I wore this midi Primark dress that cost me a tenner. Bling, £4.50 necklace from Internacionale and £2.00 earring (2 pack mate) from Primark. Also wore me trusteh Camo jacket and black converse. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND (this is the good part) this 50p headband! YES FIFTY PENCE! (Not to confuse with 50 Cent..
    Obvs, got it from a Charity shop. Was going to sell it to make a bit of a profit but I really like it actually! So.. MINE! 

    Pretty cool vintage pattern and would’ve cost a lot at Topshop or River Island init so WIN! 

    Speaking of Topshop though, Ebay is so good! Next time (possibly Saturday or Sunday) I’m going to show you 2 tingz I’m really pleased with. 
    Question is though, which shall I wear tomorrow night?…..


    'Til the weekend m'lovelehz 



  14. Helloooooooooooo!
    I’ve been busy moving, packing and unpacking and I literally have TOO much stuff, what even 
    anyway, I’m now settled in my cute little house for my 2nd year of Uni, feeling very relaxed and happy:) 

    I’m going to take a few pics of my room to show you all, including my ‘walk-in’ (you can’t walk in it anymore, it’s so jam-packed, omg) wardrobe. Clothes! 
    I’m also going to try and sell shit loads on Ebay -So keep your eyes out for posts of things for sale:) Don’t know whether you can search sellers but it’s Softbuns. 

    So, Moving Day. TARTAN AGAIN. YaY! Loving this trend, think I’m going to get a scarf too! But I got this super cool Jacket from, yes, EBAY! £12.99 mate +postage. Buzzin’. 
    Got a LARGE ‘cause I like ‘em baggy but it’s not as baggy as i thought/hoped it would be, d’oh! 
    Oh well, as long as it looks okay:) 
    Alright money for a warm jacket, init, not even a light jacket, well thick and wam. 

    Think you have to be careful with what you’d team it with though, so just denim and black/plain clothing really. Not sure if I went OTT on the trou but I thought it worked alright me:) 

    Also, excuse the posey photo, I applied for a Model Agency that day and got rejected because my ‘hips are too wide’ they actually asked me to re-measure the size of them. Absolute cheek. Only a fucking small one in Sheffield though so whatevs! I took a picture or two to prove that to myself that I shouldn’t be sad because I ain’t that bad:) 

    FRESHERS WEEK THIS WEEK! So I’m hoping to next post in a week, or even before if I’m not feeling too rough, s’all good if I don’t have to take pictures of myself! 

    See yous! 



  15. Yo! My t’other stuff!

    In Spain, it is cheaper to buy stuff, and nice stuff too! (Not just crappy gifts)
    10€ is about £8, so that ain’t bad! 
    ESPESH when things are priced the same (for example, only £1, 1€, or whatever. You think you’re paying a quid but you’re actually paying 80p BUT ENUFF OF MATHS!) 

    Leggings: In ‘good old’ England you’d pay about £10-£12 for cheap leggings, right? 
    Got these TARTAN (bang on trend mate!!) leggings for under 10€ (only £8! -better than Primark!) The store I got them from was GAWJUS wanted everything but only had enough for the leggings -which I don’t mind because I’ve want some tartan ones for a while now and I have too many clothes anyway, so probs best I didn’t buy everything:) 
    SHOP ONLINE HERE: http://www.bershka.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/category/bershkagb/en/40109502/31529/Bershka?menuId=31529 

    I also got this ‘España' hat from my lovely sister as ANOTHER (I know) present! Silly!
    And I bought the pink one from a Chinese shop for 3€!:} 

    BEST THING EVER THOUGH CHINESE SHOPS! You know like we get cheap shops like Pounland, etc.
    Well, well, well, THESE ARE BETTER anything you can ever think of in one place for under a few €€€€€ 
    'MAZING! Make-up, Clothes, Bras, Gifts, Plates, Pans, Art Stuff, Jewellery, ETC ETC. Wanted to buy everything again didn’t I:( 
    I ended up buying these gorgeous eyelashes, right, guess how much… 1€ EACH!
    'OW MUCH?!?! Ain’t even lying! 
    Here, you’ll be lucky to get some nice ones for £4! 
    They are lovely:} And I love my eyelashes, epesh being a party Uni Student n’all;) heheh!

    Aaaaaaand I got some nail stuff, ‘cause us gyals love having pretty nails! 
    This ‘Black Dot’ nail vanish is on trend and cost me 3€ AND I SWEAR TO GOD looks like Mint Choc Chip (my fav ice-cream!) 
    Also this nail art pen in black from H&M! IN SPAIN, YES! I KNOW! I WANTED TO STAY, H&M IS ALL I NEED XOXOX

    Finally, these lovely three pairs of jeans here I got from the Sunday Benidorm market! 
    Two of ‘em are actual Levi’s jeans, was going to sell ‘em on my shop (Sbuns Fashion @ Big Cartel) buuuuut keeping red ‘uns for myself because they fit and are noiiiiice:)
    BUT the lovely non-Levi’s checked/tartan-y ones are up for grabs for just a tenner pal:
    Not bad for some ace looking shorts, that’ll make you look foiiiine as hell. 

    (If you haven’t realized I am a bit hyper, yeah, don’t ask why, but I think those two Rockstar Energy Drinks I had earlier are finally kicking in…….) 


    I’m going to put my energy into my Graphics work because I have got BARE to get done, eeeek! 

    Cheers for following/viewing/reading cuties!